Come and Celebrate ARUCC's 40th Anniversary!
ARUCC 2004

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There are program changes as of Friday, April 23, 2004. Please visit the NEWS section for updates

Sunday, June 27
Time Session Location Event or Session Speaker
12:30   Main Lobby Pre-Conference Tour Departure  
16:00-21:00   Laurier Room Foyer Delegate Registration  
17:30-19:00   Laurier Room ARUCC 2004
Opening Reception

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Monday, June 28
Time Session Location Event or Session Speaker
  Laurier Room

Exhibit Setup

07:30-08:45   Adam Room Breakfast
Reserved Section for 1st-Time Attendees
07:30-17:00   Ballroom Foyer Delegate Registration  
08:50-09:00 General Ballroom Welcome/Greetings  
09:00-10:00 General Ballroom Keynote: Privacy and Expectations Michael Geist
10:00-10:30   Laurier Room Refreshment Break  
10:00-17:30   Laurier Room Exhibits  
10:30-12:00 General Ballroom Student Service Expectations  
12:00-13:00   Adam Room Luncheon  
13:00-13:30   Laurier Room Dessert/Exhibits  
13:30-15:00 A1   Changes in European Education
Margit Schatzman
13:30-15:00 A2   Aboriginal Student Services – Initiatives in Post-Secondary Education Christine Welter Ian Peltier
Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo
Angela Recollet
13:30-15:00 A3   Not for Novelty Purposes: Fake Diplomas, Fraudulent Transcripts and Verification Services Louis Ariano
13:30-15:00 A4   Student-Centred Approaches to Re-Desiging Service Space Bob Hann
Sean Kennedy
13:30-15:00 A5   Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition – Forecasting Student Success Joan Fraser
13:30-15:00 A6   Globalization of Higher Education, Quality Assurance and the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education Yves Beaudin
13:30-15:00 A7   Ready, Fire, Aim! A New Approach to Introducing a Campus Portal Lea Pennock
Sharon Scott
13:30-15:00 A8   PETE, PETE Moss, and Re-PETE: 21st Century EDI Transcripts – Ontario College style! Clay MacDougall
Paul Bishop
Barry Billing
Doug Holmes
15:00-15:30   Laurier Room Refreshment Break/Exhibits  
B1   International Student Admissions – Opportunities & Challenges
Gardiner Wilson
15:30-17:00 B2   On-line Application for Admission to Graduate Studies Project Lynn Judge
Jeanette Nugent
Walli Fritz
Steve Birch
Diane Kieffer
15:30-17:00 B3   Demystifying Enrolment Management – Connecting with the Student Experience Cora Schneider
Kelly Saretsky
15:30-17:00 B4   Is it time to Retire the position of Registrar? Ron Heath
15:30-17:00 B5   Scheduling: The Use of Technology to Support Planning Leslie Becskei
Jim Warder
15:30-17:00 B6   Campus Canada – Creating a National Record of Learning and E-Portfolio Gilbert Perras
15:30-17:00 B7   The Web Experience: From touchtone to Web-Based Student Services Anne-Marie Lepine
Scott Gonsalves
15:30-17:00 B8   Whose Idea Was That?: Opportunities and Constraints in Establishing a Registrar's Ofice  Richard Levin
John DeGrace
Kathy Kielly
17:30-18:30   Laurier Room
Reception (Cash Bar)  
18:45-   Local Restaurants Dine around Town (optional)  

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Tuesday, June 29
Time Session Location Event or Session Speaker
  Adam Room
07:30-17:00   Ballroom Foyer Delegate Registration  
09:00-10:00  General Ballroom Keynote Address: The Power of Laughter Neil Aitchison
10:00-17:00   Laurier Room Exhibits  
10:00-10:30   Laurier Room Refreshment Break  
10:30-12:00 C1
  The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program: Developments and Strategies for Recruitment and Recognition
Bob Poole
Sandra Pauly
10:30-12:00 C2   English Requirements for Admission: How Many Years Do They Need? Janna Fox
10:30-12:00 C3   Assessing the Maturity of your Registrar Services Susan Menard
JD Senechal
10:30-12:00 C4   Knowledge is Power, So Give It Away! Stefanie Ivan
Bernadette Fritz
Deborah Taylor
10:30-12:00 C5   Survivor – The University Series Keith Alnwick
10:30-12:00 C6  

Applied Degrees – How Do We Prepare For 2007?

Jamie MacKay
Don Baker
Monica Corbett
Jo-Anne Brady
10:30-12:00 C7   XML—Your Base Solution for Print and eCalendars Jocelyn Raymond
Marjorie Morris
10:30-12:00 C8   Beyond Room Scheduling: The Triumphs and Pitfalls of Building a Student-Centered Schedule and Campus-Wide Efficiency. Tom Shaver
12:00-13:00   Adam Room
13:00-13:30   Laurier Room Dessert/Exhibits  
D1   Administering ADE (Admission, Discipline, Expulsion) in Canadian Universities: the Legal Requirements Dr. Peter Mercer
13:30-15:00 D2   Transforming to an Electronic Application Services Model for Ontario Colleges Greg Hughes
Bill McKee
13:30-15:00 D3   Best Practices in Web Calendar Publication – Report of the ARUCC Executive Kathleen Massey
Lea Pennock
13:30-15:00 D4   Millennial Students, Millennial Service: Shifting Sights on Today’s Student Chris McGrath
13:30-15:00 D5   Taking Personal Responsibility for Stress Reduction John Reeves
13:30-15:00 D6   Process Streamlining: A Practical Path to Transform Services and Radically Improve Processes Maggie Hartley
Cindy Nahm
13:30-15:00 D7   Degree Audit and Graduation on the Web Sylvia Franke
Danielle Hay
Heidi Emami
Steve Olive
13:30-15:00 D8   Advanced Placement Program Courses Gail Forsyth
Deb Bergen
  Laurier Room Refreshment Break  
15:30     Exhibits Dismantled  
15:30-17:00 E1   Admissions:
Birds of a Feather
15:30-17:00 E2   Graduate Studies:
Birds of a Feather
15:30-17:00 E3   Records & Systems:
Birds of a Feather
15:30-17:00 E4   Recruitment:
Birds of a Feather
15:30-17:00 E5   Scholarship & Awards:
Birds of a Feather
15:30-17:00 E6   Reducing Student Email Volumes While Providing Better Customer Service with Limited Staff Resources  
15:30-17:00 E7   Registrars’ Forum:
• Business Process Re-engineering
• Enrolment Management
• New SIS Implementations
• College/University Collaboration issues
• Small College/University issues
• Recruitment & Admission challenges
17:00-19:00     Networking Time
19:00-24:00     40th Anniversary Gala  

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Wednesday, June 30
Time Session Location Event or Session Speaker
07:30-08:30   Adam Room Breakfast  
08:30-10:00   Ballroom 26th ARUCC General Assembly
10:00-10:30   Ballroom Foyer Refreshment Break  
10:30-12:00   Ballroom Keynote Address Stephen Lewis
13:00-14:30     ARUCC 2004-2006 Executive Meeting

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